Overview of Course

A Note To Medical Professionals

This course was originally created for professionals in the counselling and mental health field, however, feedback from course participants suggests that medical professionals (e.g., nurses) will also find benefit from the program. So please enjoy the course and disregard the language of "counselling professional", as I hope you feel included in the program.

Course Overview

In this course you will learn:

  • Not all Stress is Bad for You.
  • What is Burnout and Compassion Fatigue?
  • What is Vicarious Trauma?
  • Stress and Trauma Is Contagious.
  • Mental Health Professionals and Societal Crisis.

In this course you will learn and practice:

  • General Well-Being Strategies.
  • Body Based Strategies.
  • Cognitive Strategies.

If you work in a team you will learn:

  • Positive Workplace Practices to Support Well-Being.
  • Tools for Effective De-Briefing.

In this course you will have access to links and resources for further learning and support if needed.


The information in this course is educational in nature and does not consider your personal objectives, situation or specific needs. The information in this course is not a substitute for personal or professional advice. Dr Kate Owen strongly recommends that you seek independent and professional advice if required for your personal situation.

Please respect that recording and distributing this material is prohibited.

Self-Reflection Questions

Q1: What is your goal for completing this course?

Q2: How will you know it was worth your time participating?

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