For Educators and Professionals

If you are a professional completing this course you will get access to:

  • Reliable and well-researched knowledge and ideas.
  • Resources.
  • A model of how to explain concepts.
  • Handouts to download and share.
  • Permission to show videos (if used in your role with children and you are not receiving payment for the content). For example, as a teacher you can show a video to your class. For example, as a counsellor you may show a video in a session.

Please do not share your log-in details with other people.

If you would like to show a video from the course in a paid presentation please contact me to seek permission at [email protected]. Thank you.

The Queensland Institute of Family Therapy

If you are a professional in the counselling and mental health field, you may be interested in my training program that provides a pathway towards recognition as a qualified Family Therapist.


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