Anxiety Is Contagious

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As human beings we are wired for connection. The research tells us that we directly and indirectly affect each other through our interactions, relationship experiences, body connection and brain communication.

The lectures in the "Relational Strategies" section, will help you understand the power that you have to influence your child's well-being, and students well-being, through your connection with them.

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Watch this Facebook Live video I recorded in 2019 on "Anxiety Is Contagious". You will learn how anxiety is contagious through transmission from the body and the brain, as well as learn about intergenerational anxiety.

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Watch this video for a deeper understanding of how anxiety is contagious, reflecting on ourselves as adults and family life.

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Learn more about the essential elements needed on a daily basis to maintain well-being and brain health from Dan Siegel's Healthy Mind Platter. This information might help you to reflect on your family routines and lifestyle habits, and is a great guide for everyday self-care.

Watch this YouTube video of Dan Siegel explaining the essential elements of the Healthy Mind Platter called Dan Siegel "Mind Platter" created by the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.