Deep Breathing

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When anxiety takes over and you connect with your child, you might consider starting with a body based strategy aimed at calming the Central Nervous System. When anxiety increases, the "thinking brain" switches off and the "emotional brain" is in charge. As your child feels more settled from being soothed by you and using these strategies, they will have increased capacity to then talk about the situation and engage in cognitive strategies.

Watch Video

Watch this video on Deep Breathing with your child, or watch this video and then teach your child the strategy when the opportunity arises in your own way.

Teachers have permission to show this kid friendly video in the classroom.

Plan to Practice

It is important to practice "Deep Breathing" regularly.

Q: What opportunities do you have to practice Deep Breathing with your child?

Q: Ask your child for their ideas on when Deep Breathing would work best for them.

And don't forget to be a great role model. Demonstrate that you are using Deep Breathing on a regular basis.

Keep Calm Cards

The body based strategies taught in this course are included in the Keep Calm Cards set. These cards include 37 evidence-based strategies aimed at soothing the body and easing the mind. Suitable for all ages.

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